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A New Era of Fleet Vehicle Service by Rust Free Motors LLC



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The Service

The Smartest Way
To Service Your Fleet.

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In 4 Months We Saved One Fleet Customer $378,424.69  

Transparent Service

Versatile Logistics

Compatible Operating Hours

Value Driven Pricing



How We Saved One Fleet Customer $378,424.69 In 4 Months

Previous Vendor Costs

Below are the previous dates and costs for a single

PMI Service the previous vendor:

5/2/22      $1,863.05

4/20/22    $2,961.27

11/23/21   $2,633.75

10/26/21   $3,357.23

2/3/21       $1,960.11

05/20/21   $2,472.38

5/14/20     $3,274.02

11/26/20   $3,717.52

5/22/20     $2,485.29

12/21/20   $3,354.80

11/9/21     $1,659.73

4/20/22     $1,458.46

9/15/21     $2,744.12

4/30/21     $3,212.81

03/04/20   $3,753.86

4/17/20     $4,201.40

5/13/22     $4,224.72

1/7/22       $3,849.77

7/28/21     $4,052.86

3/23/22     $2,231.13

4/6/21       $4,268.55

9/18/21     $1,726.81

6/9/20       $3,976.10

Average PMI Cost From Previous Vendor: $3019.12

VEF Vendor Costs

Below are the dates and costs for a single

PMI Service from VEF:

9/8/2022      $1,342.03

9/10/2022       $551.46

9/11/2022       $441.45

9/12/2022       $487.33

9/15/2022       $520.00

9/18/2022       $855.00

9/22/2022        $778.71

9/23/2022        $724.00

9/23/2022        $716.00

9/24/2022        $567.97

9/27/2022        $632.47

9/27/2022        $583.91

9/28/2022        $376.25

9/27/2022        $566.00

9/27/2022        $569.00

10/11/2022      $601.56

10/12/2022   $1,683.47

10/18/2022      $576.25

10/19/2022      $711.25

10/20/2022      $878.92

10/20/2022      $750.99

10/26/2022      $692.95

11/1/2022        $523.74

Average PMI Cost From VEF: $701.34

$40,611.43 Saved Across 22 Invoices 

VEF Began Servicing this Fleet Client on 9/7/22. 


In 4 Months VEF has Performed 410 Services.  The average savings is $1845.97 for PMI Services, if we cut that savings by 2 for a conservative calculation we have an overall savings of $922.98 across all 410 services performed that comes to a total rational estimated savings of over $378,424.69

PMI Stands for Preventative Maintenance Inspection.  Each PMI Service includes an oil, air, & fuel filter change, a 79 point inspection with adjustments and repairs to keep the vehicle running at full performance.

The System

How Our System Works


Service Hours

Less down time for your fleet means your carriers and drivers can keep moving, so we built the VEF to operate around your driving hours.  We plan our logistics to transport the vehicles as they return to your facility.  Not a second of time is wasted and our service works until the vehicle is complete before its next shift starts.  Often this means picking the vehicle up at 5pm and returning it by 8am.

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Transparent Communications

We have one communication method, CONSTANT.  With live real time data the best decisions can be made.  Completed services do no good if the day has already started and the logistics are delayed.  Our system tracks the progress of repairs and services so there is a predictable delivery eta for each truck. 


Enhanced Upgrades

Foremost we are driver focused, we go to great lengths to make sure the vehicle is safe and comfortable for the driver.  We have pioneered cost saving upgrades that add to the vehicle's performance including water proof l.e.d. blinkers that last 20x longer than traditional parts, as well as heated seats, backup cameras, etc.

Carrier with VEF Device.png


Cloud Based

Track your service, trucks, and logistics in real time in the app.  Communicate directly with your service team 24 hours a day. Emergency Roadside Service Available.

About Us

Our Story

bm and sk_2.png

Brian Morris built a career in the Equestrian Events Industry, operating the nation's largest purveyor of horse stalls with over 10,000 stalls used  for equestrian competitions.

At a young age Steven Michael King found success creating marketing and communications products for public companies and startups, that led him to develop his own brands to cater to niche markets.

Steven & Brian
- Cofounders

Visionary Entrepreneurs with a track record of high bandwidth operations.

Both being automotive enthusiasts, in August of 2019 as Brian and Steven were both operating their own automotive brands they joined forces to develop a new company catering to a niche in the auto industry. ​


After a few pivots they found their love of fleet service, being creative problem solvers the local USPS Hub gave them the opportunity and challenge they were looking for.


Satisfied Drivers, Carriers,
Post Masters, and Supervisors

“We've noticed a huge improvement in the attitude of our drivers, they are a lot happier with their vehicles.”

Joan Marks - Supervisor

“I know when the VEF picks up a vehicle they always cover me with a loaner encase they can't fix it overnight.”

Raymond Souza

“I love the improvements they have made to my truck especially the heated seat!”

Maggie Stalk

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